Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner

Call it a Taylor-Taylor romance.

Singer Taylor Swift and "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner are dating, sources report.

A couple with the same first names?

Some shrug their shoulders at the coincidence, while others regard it as the ultimate reflection of romantic cuteness.

Name chemistry.

We've all seen couples whose names match so well they seem like fictional characters from a young-adult novel. Like Dawn and Don. Or Mandy and Andy.

I know a couple whose last names are different by just one letter.

Here's the ultimate example: A couple with the same first AND last names.

Do similar names have any bearing on a couple's relationship? Probably not.

Nonetheless, names can heighten or lessen somebody's romantic appeal. I remember lazy fifth-grade afternoons, when I'd fill up space in my geography notebook by pairing my first name with the last names of all the boys in my class.

The best-sounding combination marked my future marriage plans, I reasoned.

This, of course, was long before I became an independent woman set on keeping her last name for life.

That's why I'm still searching for a hot guy...named Sonya Sorich.

Weigh in with your stories about name chemistry.