Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween and relationships

Contemplating a breakup?

Here's one theory: Sever ties by Halloween, or you're stuck in the relationship until 2010.

The idea, courtesy of TresSugar, makes sense.

Granted, you're never really "stuck" in a relationship, but it's not exactly fun or convenient to break up during the holidays.

And the thing is, the holiday season -- packed with family gatherings and couples-oriented activities -- comes pretty quickly.

Perhaps Halloween is too early of a breakup cutoff, but I say the road to Splitsville closes after the first week of November.

Sure, nobody's going to say you CAN'T call things off after that, but it might make you look kind of like a jerk. Especially if you've already included your significant other in family plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

So if you're unhappy, rehearse your goodbye speech for this weekend.

Just hope a Halloween breakup doesn't leave you haunted by the ghosts of your past relationships.