Tuesday, October 6, 2009

McDonald's Monopoly game 2009

Every October, I let myself gain 5 pounds.

Is it a result of trick or treat candy? No. Pumpkin spice lattes? Nope.

Ladies and gentlemen, I surrender in the battle of the bulge simply because I love playing McDonald's Monopoly.

The game, which starts today and runs through Nov. 2, is perhaps the greatest invention ever. You know, aside from real Monopoly.

For the uninitiated, McDonald's Monopoly lets you collect game pieces -- available on select food and drink items -- in hopes of winning free food, cash and other prizes.

It epitomizes the competitive spirit that drives our nation.

Nothing represents the American dream better than earning your fortune by powering through a plate full of Angus Burgers.

I do have couple criticisms of this year's game.

There's no reason why Monopoly pieces shouldn't be included on Big Macs -- the cornerstone of the fast-food chain's popularity. Also, the pieces aren't offered on any breakfast sandwiches.

Will I give up my 5-pound tradition this year?


But only because I'm going for 10.

Super size me, baby.